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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bypass FB Fan Pages...STOP BUGGING ME!

If you are curious, like the rest of us, you'll be interested in the really STUPID FB pages that people make. Always with ridiculous hyperboles (? the plural): MOST AMAZING FB MESSAGE. However, you quickly learn that you HAVE to fan the page and annoy a bunch of people you don't really talk to in your friends group (because you're not going to bother your actual friends). As it usually turns out, though, these are pictures that are not as bad they seem and that you can often get online without joining their dumb pages and encouraging them to continue this trend. Sometimes they are taken out of THE MOST DISGUSTING STATUS ON FACEBOOK. Look, idiots, the guy was an idiot too and did what he was told to do by a bunch of people online. CLEARLY he didn't actually mean he was going to do that.

Anyway, for those of you who are curious, behind in the times, and not assholes, here's a site you can use that will show you what those pages are trying to get you to like. It's called Bypass Facebook Fan Pages and it was created by people like us who are not into being assholes. I personally don't want to encourage this idiotic "like it or we wont show you what you're going to like"...

Lego Art: Lego Classic Photographs

Nothing like throwing Lego into any medirum to make it art. It's been done and it always seems to work. I'll, clearly, make more posts to show this. Here's the first, though. Mike Stimpson takes classic pictures and recreates them using Legos. Similar to the example above, he uses some of the most well-known Classic Photos. Here is a post that matches them side-by-side. His site includes many more, even in the non-classics Lego theme.

Book Covers to Merchandise?

These are pretty cool conceptual book covers for Penguin books. They even have plush toys designed (the Dracula one would be cool) and a Frankenstein USB. They should go ahead and do this. Check it out Amy Fleisher's designs here.

Awesome Wallpapers, Perfect T-Shirts

Chow Hon Lam's Flying Mouse 365 presents t-shirt designs weekly. His goal, apparently, is to make a new design every day. A great place to go find wallpapers, if you're bored of yours.

A few more after the jump.

Monsters and Post-its

Don Ken's blog features pretty cool pictures of monsters. He does this all on post-it notes. Here's the little blurb on his blog:
born in Denmark 1978. I write and direct television shows for kids. I have a set of twins and not much time for anything. But when i have time i draw monsterdrawings on post-it notes... it is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.

Check out his blog for more pictures.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Electrically Stimulated Face...Techno Dance

Based on the Duchenne study about facial expression, in which people's faces were electronically stimulated to simulate different facial expressions, a Japanese team automated the process. They then set it to music...for the sake of science, I assume.

Japanese artist Daito Manabe created this video and more of his work can be found here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flashblock: My apologies

So, the last few posts have all had videos in them...this will slow down everything you have by just opening the damn page. Here's my gift to you.

If you don't have this add-on already, get it. It's available for FireFox (of course) and I hear that there is one for Chrome. It prevents flash things from loading on the pages that you load. In their place, there is a play button. If you push this button, those items will load. So, instead of having these things slow down your computer by instantly loading, you get to pick and choose what will load. It's great. Do it! Download it!

MORTAL KOMBAT: Before I fall behind on this one...

Everyone has been talking about this (because it's awesome) and I didn't want too much time to pass before I put it up here. It's pretty cool and it hopefully it does get made into a movie. As you've all heard, it's a pitch for a movie. Watch it and tell someone important that this needs to get made... On a different note, thought I would mention that it's kinda NSFW...but it's only like 8 minutes on, whatever. Watch it!

Cat Piano...A Shangri la of Awesomeness

Cat Piano is an awesome short animated film. It was voted one of the top 10 shorts of 2009. A well deserved honor. Definitely entertaining to hear and beautiful to watch. It feels like a very hip Christopher Walken is reading a poem to you...about cats. However, it's more awesome because you get Nick Cave, the Australian singer, narrating a film noir tale about cats. Also, you can find the poem here and watch the short film below.

2 Batman Shorts

These are live-action shorts made of Batman. Both deal with the metal illness aspect of Batman/Gotham pretty well. However, one is more visually appealing.

Ashes to Ashes

This is the more visually appealing one. I should note that it is NSFW and French. Here is what their site has to say about it

Ashes to Ashes is an unofficial short film shot in 13 days and postproduced in France between 2006 and 2008. This fan film is based on the Batman character created by Bob Kane and on the graphical universe of Franck Miller’s Sin City. Original screenplay by Samuel Bodin and directed by Julien Mokrani & Samuel Bodin.

City of Scars
I can't find as much information on it.
When the Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, Batman recalls the pain of losing his own parents as a child. He is pushed past his limits to the point where his focus becomes revenge on all who stand in his way, including many of Gotham’s underworld. Finally, Batman is forced to look at the psychological profile of his own mind and except the consequences of his life to find resolve.

Written and directed by Aaron Schoenke, the short was filmed with High Definition cameras over 21 days with a budget of only $27,000.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pandemic 2: End the world...again...

Since I mentioned it in a previous post, I figured that I should also include Pandemic 2 on this site. It's another end-the-world game- great for when you are angry at the world. You pick a disease, develop it, and let it spread around the world and kill everyone (the goal). The game is reviewed well in this other blog. It's interesting to mention that the game is notorious for how hard it is to infect every single country...especially Madagascar, which has led to it's own meme. Check out the game below...personally, I've only succeeded twice.

Blog Games

Cool Flash Game, Bro

Infectionator is very cool flash game about zombies. In this game, you spread your disease and make zombies. Eventually, you go and destroy all the world with your zombie disease. It's sorta like Pandemic 2, only with more action. For example, you can call up zombie characters like...MJ. Here's their description of the game:
Zombie infections madness, turn people into zombies in 60 seconds, upgrade your zombies to more powerful ones, get the highest score by destroying and infecting the town

Instructions: Use mouse to infect, throw grenades, and call up other zombies.

Try it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Great music mixes. Pogo.

This is what he says about himself in his Youtube account: Fagottron.
Pogo is an electronic music producer in Perth, Western Australia. He is known for his work recording small sounds from a single film or scene and sequencing them to form a new piece of music.

Here's his blog, which you should check out. Also, here's two of my favorites.



Sand Animation to Vivaldi's Four Seasons!!

Since I just posted about Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I thought I would share this awesome video (in 4 parts) that was made by Ferenc Cako. He is a Hungarian artist specializing in sand animation. More info on his site here.

Here are the videos from Youtube.





This is definitely worth viewing. Singing "Flight of the Bumble Bee"

I never imagined anything like this, but it's kind of what I want to do with all classical music...One way to enjoy music is to sing it, and you can kind of do that with classical music, too. I always want to do this with the four Seasons of Vivaldi but I must resort to hand dancing to it. Just check this out.

What movie should you watch? Whatever this site tells you, of course!

Movielens is a pretty cool site. You create an account, rate a bunch of random movies, and then look at what movies they recommend based on your ratings. It suggests movies by "predicting" what you will rate. Also, the more movies that you rate, the better the predictions get. Sometimes I get a little annoyed at how accurate it is...and sometimes I get annoyed when it suggests something I've seen and hated. You can always search the database and even add more. It also gives you statistics about your taste based on your ratings. This is definitely a site to check out. Lack of interesting pictures dually's a very very simple design.

Ofleg...Very NSFW comic

Someone suggested this one to me...and it's weird one. It comes with a disclaimer that it was initially going to be porn and somehow became a comic...with porn elements (I guess). Here's a safe for work one.

It gets much more less safe for work than that. Go to the site here.

WTF happened in the 80s...?

The Max Headroom Broadcast Intrusion better spoken about in this article. Watch the creepy video that interrupted a TV broadcast who knows what...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not your typical Children's Dictionary

My Firs Dictionary is a unique site. Using the style of children's dictionaries, it presents plenty of hilarious ways to learn new words. Often, the themes are death, abortion, and the bizzare...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lady Gaga Post 2, NWO?

Nothing like mixing two of my interests in an insane fashion. NWO conspiracies and Lady Gaga are two things that I enjoy simply for the entertainment value of it all. Nothing like reading that she is now believed to be a NWO puppet....hahaha. The things we say and do under the influence of drugs is awesome. Read the argument...and follow what logic they have. And laugh.
Some of their evidence.

The eye in the hand, apparently a very much overused Illuminati symbol, is a constant theme of Gaga's. I mean, look at the evidence RIGHT THERE!

Plus, look at the similarities between her pose in the first picture and that of Baphomet...who are you, by the way? Lady Gaga's demonic manager? Are you Fernando?

Also, is "Fernando" a song about opening up our borders with Mexico and allowing all those Immigrants to enter whenever they please? How metaphorical and deep is she? Or is her symbolism soo deep that it's shallow? Clearly, she feels no shame in showing her Illuminati all the time in every picture, according to these guys. All I can say about this article is <3.

Follow the logic here.

Lady Gaga post 1, Medley

There is soooo much going on with this chick and it's inevitable that I would post about her. So I'm just not gonna fight it. Here's something that I think is cool, a medley done of a bunch of her songs. Great to listen to.

A to Z of Awesomeness Corretly Titled

Neil's A to Z of Awesomeness if properly titled. There is awesomeness with every sentence using every letter for awesome pop culture references. Pictures>Words.

Check out all the awesome here.

Lazer-what? So is this art? Def, NSFW.

Have I been under a rock? How long have lazertits been around without my knowledge? Mad science and acid have triumphed in a good way. Lasers and tits. Simplicity. Awesomeness that quickly fades.

Follow the laser innovations here.

Dead flies? In art? Maybe "art" doesn't suck so much

I don't think think that there's much more to say beyond the what the title says: dead fly art. Check out the link for 13 more pictures.

More pictures here.

Another post, another interesting comic.

Well, here's another site that has an interesting comic...and other stuff. Unfortunately, I have not checked out all that there is on this site but Shane Simmons seems like an interesting and creative writer. The introduction screen itself is funny and the few comics here are just great. However, I've only clicked to the comics section and seem a few of his pieces. They are great.

I will definitely check out more from this site and report back what other interesting things there are here.

Cool art project: Animated Albums

An interesting idea can lead to an interesting tumblr. The cool idea in this post is animating album covers. Definitely worth checking out simply because it's an interesting concept. Not that many interesting tumblrs out there. The cool thing is that they state that they take suggestions. So if you have any ideas for an album cover that should be animated, let them know.

Humanoid Creatures; an incomplete but awesome list.

When our ancesters barely knew the things outside of your empire, your area, and sometimes your village, what did they think was out there? When night came and boredom, fear, and creativity came together near the campfire, what stories and people did they envision? When they accidentally consumed drugs unaware of their mind-altering consequences, what might they have seen? I think that these Humanoid Creatures might hold some of the answers. They have the typical creatures that are to this day overused and forced to entertain us by Hollywood, but then there are some other creatures I've never even heard of.

What the heck is an Abarimon?

What the heck is an Abatwa?

What the heck is an Blemmyes?

Cowboy Henk, how did I miss out on this?

So I had never heard of this Cowboy Henk but stumbled upon it earlier this week. It's a great and sometimes NSFW comic. I can't find much information online (from a one page google search) but from what I've seen it's worth a glance. Find it online. Here's a SFW one:

It's always a multi-panel, colored design. Often, the stories are ridiculously absurd and some secondary characters are rarely repeated (like the giant neighbor?). I definitely need to see more of this...ridiculousness.

to a few more examples.

Quirky comics for your browsing pleasure.

Sharing Machine is an awesome site. I've...invested plenty of time there simply for their comic Married to the Sea. It seems like a general "hip" shirts, art...and free online comics site. Some of the shirts are cool enough and I would recommend them.

They definitely have better ones than this.

Check them out HERE.
The shirts, though, are not why I spend so much of my time there. They have a few comics on their site.

Natalie Dee: same as below, but only with color.
Toothpaste for Dinner: Standard stick-figure style one to three panel comics.
Superpoop: a pretty good photo comic section. They claim it's only "occasionally updated."

I put them above in the order in which I'd rank them, from least enjoyable to most enjoyable. I've left the best for last:
Married to the Sea. It's hard to describe, and as they say. I think I'll leave it to the pictures.

I can't say what it is about this quirky style, but it's great and more often than not, it's worth a laugh.

Check out Married to the Sea. It randomly generates comics, but it seems to have an archive to the right of the comics.