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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lady Gaga Post 2, NWO?

Nothing like mixing two of my interests in an insane fashion. NWO conspiracies and Lady Gaga are two things that I enjoy simply for the entertainment value of it all. Nothing like reading that she is now believed to be a NWO puppet....hahaha. The things we say and do under the influence of drugs is awesome. Read the argument...and follow what logic they have. And laugh.
Some of their evidence.

The eye in the hand, apparently a very much overused Illuminati symbol, is a constant theme of Gaga's. I mean, look at the evidence RIGHT THERE!

Plus, look at the similarities between her pose in the first picture and that of Baphomet...who are you, by the way? Lady Gaga's demonic manager? Are you Fernando?

Also, is "Fernando" a song about opening up our borders with Mexico and allowing all those Immigrants to enter whenever they please? How metaphorical and deep is she? Or is her symbolism soo deep that it's shallow? Clearly, she feels no shame in showing her Illuminati all the time in every picture, according to these guys. All I can say about this article is <3.

Follow the logic here.

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